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Further Reading

Post by Moe on Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:02 pm

Reading Notes on Marx's Capital Volume I, by Gary Teeple
Study Guide to Capital, Volume I, by Harry Cleaver
Reading Notes on Marx's Capital, by Michael Hardt
Synopsis of Capital, Volume I, by Friedrich Engels
A Companion to Marx's Capital, by David Harvey
Guide to Marx's Capital, by Michael Eldred & Mike Roth
Marx's Kapital for Beginners, by David Smith & Phil Evan
Reading Capital Politically, by Harry Cleaver
An Essay on Marxian Economics, by Joan Robinson
Political Economy, by Aleksei Leontiev
Marx’s Capital, Philosophy and Political Economy, by Geoff Pilling
The Making of Marx's Capital, by Roman Rosdolsky
Capital, Volume I in audio format, from LibriVox
Capital in Lithographs, by Hugo Gellert

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